Elevate Your SXSW EDU Experience: Join the Exclusive Connecting The Americas Breakfast for EdTech Innovators

As the SXSW EDU Conference & Festival gears up to transform Austin into a hub of educational innovation from March 4-7, 2024, a unique gathering is poised to enrich the experience of EdTech founders and C-level . The Connecting The Americas Breakfast, an exclusive event crafted for leaders in the education technology sector, invites you to begin your day with insightful discussions and invaluable networking opportunities.

Why Attend the Connecting The Americas Breakfast?

Set against the backdrop of the bustling SXSW EDU festival, this breakfast event on March 6 stands out as a beacon for EdTech professionals seeking to deepen their industry insights and forge meaningful connections. Hosted at the renowned Fogo de Chão, just steps away from the Austin Convention Center, attendees are offered a serene yet stimulating environment to kickstart their day.

Exclusive Insights into AI in Education

The breakfast will spotlight the transformative power of artificial intelligence in education, featuring case presentations that showcase the forefront of AI applications. This focus not only underlines the event’s commitment to cutting-edge technology but also provides participants with a glimpse into the future of learning and teaching methodologies enhanced by AI.

Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders

Understanding the importance of connections in the EdTech sphere, the Connecting The Americas Breakfast offers an unparalleled platform for networking. Engage with fellow founders, C-level executives, and thought leaders passionate about leveraging technology to reshape education. This event serves as the perfect setting to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and build partnerships with the foremost minds in the field.

Complimentary and Exclusive

In line with its aim to support the growth and development of the EdTech community, the Connecting The Americas Breakfast is complimentary for attendees. However, its exclusivity ensures a curated experience, fostering discussions that are both relevant and impactful for those at the helm of educational technology innovations.

A Strategic Start to Your SXSW EDU Journey

By attending the Connecting The Americas Breakfast, you not only gain access to a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities but also position yourself strategically within the SXSW EDU ecosystem. This event promises to enrich your festival experience, offering insights and connections that will continue to resonate well beyond the confines of the conference.


The Connecting The Americas Breakfast is more than just an event; it’s a strategic opportunity for EdTech leaders to engage deeply with the trends shaping the future of education. As SXSW EDU transforms Austin into a focal point for educational innovation, make the most of your experience by joining this exclusive gathering. Elevate your SXSW EDU journey by immersing yourself in the discussions and connections that will define the next frontier in EdTech.

Don’t miss this chance to redefine the boundaries of educational technology. Join us at Fogo de Chão on March 6, and start your day with the insights and connections that will propel your EdTech initiatives to new heights.

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